Over the last twenty years, as I gathered experience in making strategies work for governments, UN agencies, international organisations and foundations, it became progressively difficult to capture my work in a curriculum vitae. It was in particular quite difficult to demonstrate the inter-disciplinarity yet connectedness of what I have been doing. The need for this website was best amplified by my children asking me repeatedly- “What exactly do you do?”.

To implement strategy effectively I have deployed a variety of tools in the context of the theatre where I operate. On one hand, my work in Strategic Partnerships, Strategic Communications, and Dialogue Management has been integral to advancing strategy, on the other, it has been difficult to capture in a single document. The growing abuse of words like ‘strategy’ and ‘partnerships’ added to the pressure of showcasing the seriousness of my achievements in these areas.

I hope that this website will allow you to appreciate the diversity yet interconnectedness of my work, be it in global health, refugees, child rights or minority issues; be it in Geneva, Kuala Lumpur or Skopje; be it in emergency, post-conflict or in fragile settings.

I am a firm believer in interdependence over independence. My work is actually the result of numerous interdependencies. I have had the privilege to be inspired by many fantastic people. Through this website, I would like to thank them and celebrate our collaboration!

Once again welcome to my website!

Stay well, and do get in touch….