What ?

At interfaces, connecting.

Modesty should not allow me to state this, but I do perceive myself as a highly motivated international development expert with proven expertise in propelling programs through strategic planning, strategic communications, strategic partnerships and resource mobilization. My natural habitat seems to be at the interfaces between politics and policy & policy and program. I have successfully managed development portfolios in developing, transition and developed countries; emergency and non-emergency scenarios. My work experience with UNHCR, UNICEF, European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI), Cambridge University, Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, Geneva Health Forum and other multilateral and bilateral agencies has allowed me to nurture networks that are inspiring  with other change makers.

My focus and commitment to quality content of whatever I undertake ensures that money and reliable partners are not in shortage. I have been applauded for my solid project management skills, excellent research, and analytical and drafting skills.