Think Tanks & Capacity Building

Think Tanks and Capacity Building

Somewhere at the top of my “most rewarding experiences” in the area of international development has been the joy of setting up, nurturing and then handing over think tanks. At the outset it is usually one lone visionary in a donor organization who sees the need for sustainable change by building knowledge capabilities in the form of a think tank. Then it is someone with my experience in connecting various ideas who comes on board, to first do a triage of possible partners and then starts the set up and nurturing of freshly recruited talent…You know that things have worked out fine when established international organisations come knocking at your door for partnerships. This also signals that the time to handover and move on to the next worthwhile initiative has come.

Developing the initial project proposals, pitching them to donors, managing procurement, international networking, launching global events: I have had the privilege to lead the turnkey set up of two think tanks:

  • IHM-UNICEF Centre for Health Policy Management and Finance, Ministry of Health, Kuala Lumpur
  • Centre for Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, University of Skopje, fYROM