As the Executive Director of the Geneva Health Forum, I lead the preparations for the delivery of the fourth edition of the forum, which addressed the challenges posed by Non Communicable Diseases. I was brought in with the aims of making the forum sustainable and to expand its reach. The strategy that I developed for the Geneva Health Forum, very much relied on establishing a strong nucleus of strategic partnerships with other Swiss public institutions that have a mandate in global health.

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Geneva Health Forum+
Geneva Health Forum


Global Health


Strategic planning; Strategic partnerships; Strategic Communication; Fundraising; Dialogue management; Project development;


Geneva, Switzerland


I was brought in to the GHF to expand its reach, funding base and help re-strategize so that the forum becomes sustainable.

The Geneva Health Forum is not just another conference on health. By looking to the future, it brings vision and thrives on all participants’ unique experiences and in depth insights on topics and initiatives generated and implemented all over the world. At the GHF it is believed that pooling intelligence will bring value and challenge common ideas to explore new territories of freethinking and build on inter-sectorial approaches to solving the problems of our time.
As it is held in Geneva, a city where all the major actors in Global Health are located, the Geneva Health Forum provides a unique opportunity to meet and shape tomorrow’s agenda on major health issues. Organized by the Geneva University Hospitals and the University of Geneva in partnership with the other main Swiss academic institutions and Geneva based organizations and key players in health, the GHF offers ample opportunities to debate freely on current health issues.


2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

What exactly?

I mapped, negotiated and implemented a three-tier partnerships strategy for the sustainability of the Geneva Health Forum (Content, Thematic and Geographic partnerships). This involves establishing Public-Private partnership arrangements without jeopardizing credibility. More about the GHF can be read on it’s website www.genevahealthforum.org
I conceptualized and negotiated inter-institutional linkages for the implementation of a robust communications strategy for the Geneva Health Forum. This effort links academic, research and teaching institutions with multilateral and bilateral donors, foundations, private sector and media.

With- whom?

Hospitals of the University of Geneva (HUG)

University of Geneva

Swiss Development Cooperation Agency (SDC)

Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Swiss Federal Office of Public Health

What happened?

Over the last four years the reach of the GHF has multiplied and it has established itself as an important event on the global health calendar. It attracts close to one thousand practitioners, academia and policy makers to Geneva to search for solutions in health.