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Connecting UNICEF’s strategy on HIV AIDS with a communication strategy+
Connecting UNICEF’s strategy on HIV AIDS with a communication strategy


HIV AIDS; Child Rights


Strategic Planning; Strategic Communication




For many years UNICEF had partnered with the Government of Malaysia to deliver numerous and effective grassroots initiatives. With the rapid strides Malaysia made in development and achieved a middle-income country status, it was felt that UNICEF could advance the well being of children in Malaysia more effectively by becoming an upstream partner of the government. UNICEF’s then executive director Carol Bellamy had hand picked the dynamic CEO of UNICEF Australia Gaye Phillips to set in a Malaysia a model of engagement with middle-income countries.


2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

What exactly?

In 2005, UNICEF’s Representative appointed me to link the organization’s HIV AIDS programs to a meaningful communication strategy.

In addition to developing a comprehensive strategy on up-streaming UNICEF’s HIV AIDS program in Malaysia, key Strategic Communication products were developed:

  1. Video documentary- “Women in AIDS”: Conceptualized this video documentary to celebrate and document the contribution of women from various walks of life in the fight against HIV AIDS in Malaysia. This video galvanized support from the Govt. of Malaysia and the donor community for UNICEF’s HIV AIDS program.
  2. Video documentaries- Conceptualized video documentaries on joint projects of UNICEF & Ministry of Health that reflect the impact of good partnerships. These included the video capsules on ProStar Youth Initiative (Peer counseling), Village Health Promoters and Youth & Drugs. Youth volunteers for UNICEF in Malaysia filmed the films.
  3. Launch of UNICEF’s global campaign- “Unite for Children Unite Against AIDS” in Malaysia: After the global campaign against polio in the 70s, this is UNICEF’s biggest global campaign. Sunoor Verma co-conceptualized the Malaysia launch of this campaign in partnership with the Ministry of Health.
  4. High Profile Events: Conceptualized the launch of UNICEF’s Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Award in Malaysia. A top-level corporate event, it brought in valuable support for UNICEF’s programs in Malaysia from the corporate sector.

With- whom?


Prime Minister’s Office,Economic Planning Unit, Malaysia

Minister of Health

Attorney General of Malaysia

Minister of Women and Community Development

What happened?

UNICEF became the partner of choice of the Malaysian government on HIV AIDS

“ He has demonstrated his problem solving skills and emphasizes the need to back up words with action, and the need to engage in solutions that are forward-looking.”

Michael Szporluk
Expert, Civil Society Development
Mercy Corps