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Mapping fundraising prospects and partnership support for UNICEF+
Mapping fundraising prospects and partnership support for UNICEF


Child Rights, Humanitarian emergencies


Fundraising;Assessments & Evaluations; Strategic Planning, Strategic Communication; Strategic Partnerships




The global leadership of UNICEF wanted to explore the feasibility of setting up an operation in Singapore. Amendments to laws pertaining to the functioning of charities and foundations in Singapore were a trigger to these explorations.



What exactly?

In 2007 I conducted an in- depth mapping exercise for possible support to UNICEF in Singapore. To enhance the possibility of a quick and informed decision by the senior management, I produced a short video documentary capturing the essence of the mapping exercise. Directed by Sunanda Asthana, an Associate at ProCube, this documentary proved to be a valuable tool for decision-making.

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Government of Singapore

What happened?

This report allowed the senior management of UNICEF to quickly reach a decision on how to engage with Singapore.

“ I have been together with Dr. Verma in negotiations with potential donors, senior government officers, ambassadors and partners. He thrives in creating genuine win-win arrangements without leaving any scope for ambiguity or misunderstanding. He prepares thoroughly for each negotiation and is able to step back and see things from the perspective of the counterpart. ”

Dr Slim Slama
Geneva Health Forum